Guitars 4 Good Project


All Nicholas Lee (private/retail sale) instruments have been discontinued effective April, 2017.  It is with Nicks vision: the only way to acquire a future instrument bearing the Nicholas Lee brand name, will be through a charitable cause.   

The Guitars 4 Good Project - is an exclusive offer provided to registered tax-exempt organizations.  

In the ever growing sea of the non-profit sector, every penny of donor contribution(s) help sustain an organizations mission and growth.  We have crafted a unique donation program, exclusive to tax-exempt organizations.  

Musical Instruments have proven a top successor in promotional & fundraising campaigns.  The quality and precision that defines every Nicholas Lee instrument is immediately recognized by collector, player and donor alike.  

It is our honor, to offer your organization at no cost, an exclusive opportunity to showcase your mission & event on our hand-crafted, boutique musical instruments.  We can only offer 6 instruments per year & will consider all organizations on a first come, first serve basis.

Custom Art & Design is available for each and every model.  Upon completion of your order, our Art Director will contact you to discuss your teams concept(s).  This service is completely personal & crafted directly towards your mission and vision.