(2) Single Cut Custom Series

Limited Edition!  Only 12 produced for 2016.  

You choose 22 or 24 Fret.

Here at Nicholas Lee Custom Shop, you won't find a CNC machine.  You won't find a robot.  

Your instrument was cut out of raw, hand selected wood.   It was sanded and shaped, by hand.  It was finished, by hand.  It was set up, by the greatest luthier team in the world.  Guaranteed for life, with no fine print.   

The staple of our studio fleet - the Single Cut Custom - is a meticulously crafted, set-neck masterpiece. 

Built using the top echelon USA components & hardware.  Even our plastics are 100% American made.  Powered by our exclusive 100% noise free, DiMarzio Buckers.    Vintage Nitrocellulose high-gloss finish on body.  Smooth satin, hand oiled finish on the neck.   

With an innovative design & extremely deep neck tenon, the Single Cut Custom is quite arguably, the greatest sustaining instrument on the planet. 

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